• Brass Hinges
  • Door Fittings
  • Tank Connector
  • SS Tower Bolt

Brass Hinges / Butt Hinges Manufacturer / Supplier(TH = Thickness)

Vatsalya Metal Industries - Brass Hinges Manufacturer, Supplier and Butt Hinges Manufacturer Supplier from India. VMI Manufacture and Supplies Butt Hinges, Bearing Hinges, Crown Hinges, Cut Hinges, Door Closer Hinges, L Type Hinges, Z Type Hinges, table Hinges, Parlament Hinges, Railway Hinges and Railway Cut Hinges. offers an extensive range of high quality Brass Hinges, Bearing Hinges and Butt Hinges that provides strength and performance.

Any product can be made as per customer's drawing and requirement.