• Brass Hinges
  • Door Fittings
  • Tank Connector
  • SS Tower Bolt

Quality Policy

At Vatsalya Metal Industries, quality is our priority. We have maintained flawless service with zero-defect products. Our primary focus remains on the continuous enhancement of the total quality management. With such efficiency and effectiveness we have attained the basic parameters and the customer satisfaction to a large extent. The incredible market gives a clear picture on the quality assurance of our range of products. Maintaining customer satisfaction has always been our strong belief which has increased our customer base.

Our Policy:

  • Stringent inspection based on the chemical and physical properties of metals like zinc, copper and other elements provides the hardness, strength and elongation as per the desired requirement.
  • Strict visual inspection
  • Our key directive is to develop quality objectives at every step which assures effective service towards the business
  • We follow statically controlled process through the micro meter, vernier caliper, plug gauges, go and not go ring gauges and thread pitch micro meter
  • Qualitative inspection at the final stages of shipment which measures the vital parameters.
  • We are totally dedicated towards continuous improvement of our services

Calibration :

Ensuring integrity is a part of our measurement criteria with each and every measurement instrument and gauges being periodically calibrated. With such techniques we are able to attain the maximum standard and quality.

Maintenance :

Our skilled resources are groomed to follow the specified procedures and specifications which serve as basic preventive maintenance of the machineries and equipments which are used in the manufacturing of the components. Such procedures are documented for a better and safe approach. Stringent and continuous monitoring of the products by our experienced quality control team ensure proper maintenance resulting in supreme accuracy and consistency.

Training :

Trainings are arranged at regular intervals to keep the team updated with the latest technology and the changing trends of the market. This helps them to face the challenges of the market and deliver excellence. With such guidance the team is able to know about:

  • In process and Inter process inspection techniques
  • Dedicated Engineering department
  • Development as per the customized specifications
  • Vendor control and audits
  • Statistical measurements
  • Equipment calibration and maintenance